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Massage Therapy and Health

Massage therapy can be an important part of an integrative approach to health and wellness. 

Years of research support massage therapy for many health treatments. In fact, consumers are turning to massage to support their health needs now more than ever before.

A recent consumer study sponsored by AMTA indicates that 88 percent of individuals view massage therapy as beneficial to overall health and wellness. From relieving pain to managing cancer symptoms and reducing depression, explore the many health advantages of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief:

Find out how AMTA is leading the conversation on massage therapy and pain relief. 

Massage Therapy for Rehabilitation:

Explore how massage can help patients recover from surgeries and joint replacements.

Massage Therapy and Medical Treatment:

Discover how massage can be a beneficial part of integrative treatments for medical conditions.

Massage Therapy as an Alternative to Opioids:

Explore the latest science on massage as a nonpharmacological approach for pain relief.  

Massage Therapy for Mental Health:

Learn how massage therapy can help relieve anxiety and depression, boosting mental health.